Need to Get Hired Fast? 5 Tips to Speed Up the Process

When the time comes to find a new job, you want to secure one as quickly as possible. Whether you unexpectedly were downsized, had a difference of opinion with your boss, or left your job for other reasons, you need fast results. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to find what you’re looking for in less time than you otherwise may need. 

When looking for a job, here are five ways you can speed up the hiring process.  

1. Update Your LinkedIn Profile 

Make sure your LinkedIn profile contains your most current information. Include your relevant skills, career achievements, and volunteer work. Publish or share articles relevant to challenges and changes in your industry. Show that you’re active in your field and provide unique value for employers. Include a recent, professional headshot. Hiring managers and recruiters may find your profile and decide to contact you about a job opening.  

2. Network 

Talk with your connections to find out about opportunities. Include people you worked with, went to school with, were mentored by, or kept in touch with at industry events. Let your network know exactly what you’re looking for. They might know of an opening, upcoming opportunities, or whom to talk with. Having multiple people helping with your job search maximizes your time and brings you closer to success.   

3. Work for a Family Member or Friend 

Because your family and friends care about you and your success, ask whether you can perform any work for them. Even if they can’t hire you, they can serve as references, provide introductions, and share insider knowledge that may lead to your next job. Ensure you customize your cover letter and resume and interview with a professional attitude. Thank your family and friends for their help.   

4. Walk in with a Resume 

Take your resume directly to an employer. This is especially effective for roles in hospitality, retail, food service, and similar industries. Dress as you would for an interview. Have your resume look polished, professional, and tailored to the role you want. Be ready to share your work experience in a concise, compelling manner. If the hiring manager decides to meet with you, you’ll be ready 

5. Partner with a Temp Agency 

Because employers reach out to a temp agency when they need a role quickly filled, this may be the best way to find a job. The agency has an internal team to expediate the logistics of the hiring process. As a result, there’s a shorter vetting process, fewer interviews, and faster deliberation about hiring decisions than if the employer directly hired someone. Along with the short hiring time, you can receive benefits, learn new skills, make connections, and gain career experience to enhance your resume.   

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