Surprise! How to Be Ready for an Interview at a Moment’s Notice

When you’re active in the job market, an employer may contact you for an interview the same day. In some cases, you may have only a few hours’ notice to prepare. Although this can be a nerve-wracking event, remain focused on what you need to do to get ready. The action you take now can mean the difference between being offered a job or having to continue your search.  

Follow these guidelines to quickly prepare for an interview.     

Focus on Your Breathing 

Take several deep breaths to calm your nerves. You need to focus on preparation for your job interview. Get your mind centered so you can learn more about the company and focus on what you want to say during the discussion. Visualize yourself walking into the interview and acing it.  

Write Down Your Accomplishments 

Make a list of your most recent, relevant achievements that make you best suited for the role. Perhaps you completed a project before deadline or handled an especially challenging client with outstanding care. Include quantitative results you attained for previous employers. These may include increasing revenue, cutting costs, or improving efficiency. Have on hand letters of recommendation from a previous employer, a thank-you note from a former coworker for going above and beyond to help out, or other form of recognition for your team contributions.   

Review the Job Description and Your Resume 

Use the job description to determine which skills, experience, and qualifications are most important for the role. Compare them to what you listed on your resume. Along with your list of accomplishments, draw connections between the job description and your resume. Point out specific ways your experience makes you the best match with what the hiring manager is looking for. Write down notes on anything else you’d like to mention during the interview.     

Research the Company 

Perform a quick online review of the organization. Use the company website to get a sense of its mission, vision, values, and brand. Check out the last two months of posts on social media accounts to see the types of news and messaging, recent events, and company priorities. Perform a Google search to see what’s being said about the organization in the news. Review the interviewer’s LinkedIn profile to learn about their position and background, shared connections, and commonalities like your hometown. Discuss what you learned to show you’re a knowledgeable, informed candidate.  

Write Down Questions    

Based on what you learned, create three questions to ask the interviewer. You might inquire what their most important goals are for the role in the first 30 or 60 days. Or, you could ask what the interviewer likes best about working for the company. Be sure to inquire what company culture is like so you know whether you’ll fit in.   

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