3 Reasons to Stay In Touch With Your Recruiter

Recruiters pride themselves in being skilled at nurturing a deep network and maintaining solid relationships with talented and experienced professionals. Companies rely on them to find the most qualified candidates to fill their openings, so they look to touch base from time to time to see how you’re faring. They like to know how careers are progressing and they might reach out to you from time to time. And it can be useful to you to keep in contact, too. Here are three reasons to stay in touch with your recruiter.

1. Discuss the impact of a job change

Recruiters are experts in the job market and even have insight into your particular industry. So they’re the perfect people to reach out to when you’re deliberating making a career change, pursuing a new job, or continuing your education. They can help you weigh your options and predict the impact of any move you make. For example, a job switch might seem like a lateral move to you, but your recruiter might encourage you to take it, aware of increased opportunities that will arise as a result. Or vice versa. They might point you in another direction because they see where the job demands are trending.

2. Ask questions about new openings

If you’re proactive about staying in touch with your recruiter, you’ll be sure you stay in the front of their mind when they hear about new job openings that might be a good match for you. Call or email them when you receive a promotion, a change in responsibilities, a geographic move, or a salary increase. Not only will they be pleased to know that your career is progressing, they’ll be apprised of your most recent qualifications and skills. They might have a job opening that’s a good fit for you now, but you weren’t quite ready for last week.

3. Talk potential career paths

In just a few seconds, you can quickly type out a text or an email to your recruiter and let them know what’s going on in your professional life. You never know when you might need their help again. They can provide insights into market trends and give career advice, helping you lay out potential career paths depending on decisions you make and training you pursue.

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