Do You Have What It Takes to Work at Events?

Working events isn’t easy. There’s a lot of planning and communicating, and energy and enthusiasm are both required. But the good news is that there’s such a wide range of jobs at such events, that there’s something for everyone—promotional models, servers, bartenders, event captains, brand ambassadors, greeters and more. If you love people and you love hospitality, then working at events might be a great opportunity for you. Find out if you have what it takes to work at events.

Communication skills

No matter what type of event job you have, you need to communicate, both in writing and verbally. You’ll listen to clients’ wants and needs and follow through accordingly, you’ll listen to directions from supervisors, captains, and managers, and you’ll listen to guests’ concerns and desires. On the flip side of listening, you’ll need to communicate your vision to your coworkers, make guests feel welcome and respected, and clearly convey information to guests that will enhance their experience.

Friendly people skills

Whether you’re a greeter, bartender, wait staff, or on registration staff, if you work directly with guests, you need to make them feel welcome and appreciated. It helps if you’re comfortable talking to all types of people and can make guests feel like they’re the most important person in the room. Respond to their needs and concerns as best you can, and if you’re not the person to best serve them, find someone who is.

Attention to detail

And if working directly with customers isn’t your thing, we still might have the perfect job for you behind the scenes—serving on the kitchen staff, doing food prep, or setting-up and breaking down the space. For these roles, you need to work hard, be reliable and professional, and focus on the details that will make the event special for the clients and guests.


No matter how well planned the event is, there will surely be a snag somewhere along the way and when that happens, everyone will be part of the problem-solving team. If you like to think on your feet, can stay calm under pressure, and make quick decisions when unforeseen problems arise, then you’d be a perfect asset to work at an event. It takes creativity and the ability to work under a time crunch.


All roles and positions at an event require the ability to multitask. You’ll have a lot on your mind while you’re smiling and nodding to guests, communicating information to coworkers, and darting around trying to make sure that everyone is happy and the details of the event are seamless. You have to make sure all logistics are taken care of and nothing falls through the cracks, and it helps if you can delegate and share responsibilities with the rest of your team. Everyone has a role and it’s important to work together.

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