Top Food Service Jobs That Are Constantly Hiring

The foodservice industry is a hustling, bustling industry, always growing and hiring. After all, people need to eat! Foodservice is perfect for enthusiastic and reliable people who love hospitality. Some jobs require a lot of customer interaction and others require a little more labor, so energy is important. This industry is conducive to short-term work and even one-time special events. Here are the top food service jobs that are always hiring.

9 Food Service Jobs That Are Hiring

1. Captains

Food captains in a restaurant oversee a group of tables, waiters, and busboys. They have the most customer interaction and might even be responsible for preparing food in front of customers. They must be outgoing, well dressed, and comfortable providing a welcoming experience for all customers.

2. Event manager

An event manager plans, organizes and executes all types and sizes of events—anything from a wedding reception to a small formal dinner party to a breakfast meeting. Details are important, as is meeting with the customers beforehand and making sure their vision is achieved.

3. Banquet server

Usually employed by a catering service or hotel, banquet servers are roaming wait staff who aren’t assigned to a specific table but are still responsible for accommodating all guests at a function. They circulate the room, making sure waters are filled and guests have everything they need to be comfortable.

4. Bartender

A good bartender provides outstanding customer service while using their experience, knowledge, and skill. They have a positive attitude, can build a quick rapport, and go out of their way to make any customer feel like a VIP.

5. Host/Hostess

This is the first and last person a customer sees in a restaurant. Because they’re so visible, they’re absolutely integral to the success of a restaurant. A good host or hostess must be charming, polite, and have good verbal skills.

6. Promotional model

A promotional model spends a lot of time interacting with customers, circulating and trying to drive demand for a new product, service, or brand. They have to be friendly and knowledgeable.

7. Event security

This is a service that gives event organizers the peace of mind that guests and staff will be safe, that the venue won’t be damaged or compromised, and that any important assets are protected. Most events are low-key, and many security employees can stay behind the scenes, but they still need to be prepared to react in case of emergency.

8. Chef

Chefs are always in demand, especially if they have the proper training and experience to run their own kitchens. They’re trained professionals with proficiency in all aspects of food preparation and comfortable in busy kitchens with a lot of moving parts.

9. Set-up and breakdown crew

Requiring a little more labor and a little less customer interaction, these crews might be responsible for loading and unloading trucks, delivery, set-up and safe installation of various rental products. They might work at festivals, concerts, conferences, receptions, and special dinners or breakfast meetings.

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