Is It Time to Revamp Your Resume?

In most cases your resume is the first piece of information employers ad learn about you when you apply for a job. So if you’re not getting any callbacks and hiring managers seem to be ignoring you, it might be time to revamp your resume. And though it’s a little daunting to have to start from scratch, it’ll be totally worth it once recruiters and hiring managers start reaching out to you. Here are some ways to go medieval on your resume.

How To Completely Re-Do Your Resume

1. Start over

No, seriously, just delete the whole thing and start over with a new Google Docs template. It’s actually a lot less effort thank you think. If you simply try to edit what’s already in front of you, you usually end up being limited by what you have. But if you start from scratch, the world is your oyster! You can brainstorm new verbs and adjectives and you might even recall some experiences and achievements that you forgot to mention on the original document.

 2. Use keywords

As you’re detailing your experiences and learned skills, try to echo some of the keywords from the job description from the job posting you’re applying to. Show that you’re the perfect fit for this position. And it helps if you completely start over so it’s not like you’re trying to squeeze square pegs into round holes, forcing words into your original draft that don’t really fit.

3. Make the connection

Show that the skills you’ve acquired and the training you’ve received have prepared you for this role. You want to tailor your resume for each job you apply to, so that means tweaking some of the language so that it matches the description.

4. Tell a story

Sometimes you have to turn your resume into a story that explains how your skills and experiences have shaped the quality candidates you are today. And a story is a lot easier to tell if you can start from scratch and craft the story arc.

5. Quantify bullets

Your bullet points should have numbers to accompany them and magnify the impact of your contributions to the company. If you helped boost sales, show by how much. If you managed or trained new hires, tell how many. If you helped cut costs, by how much? Use percentages and other statistics and figures to really put your achievements in perspective. Show off everything that you have to offer as an employee!

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