Practice Gratitude In Your Career

Mental health experts tell us that practicing gratitude is essential to living a happier and more satisfying life. This same principle can be applied to your professional life for increased success and happiness. Learn how to practice gratitude in your career and watch your days, weeks, and years become more fulfilling and productive.

Consider for a moment the completion of a project. What do you do? Do you immediately move on to the next item on the to-do list, or do you take the time to appreciate each small win in getting the job done?

The ripple effects of being grateful can extend not only to influence your individual personal and professional growth but to your team and colleagues as well.

How practicing gratitude helps your career

Practicing gratitude allows you to reflect on what you are grateful for in your work life. But why is this important? First, there is a long list of rewards for being grateful – benefits that positively impact your life in many ways: health (physical, mental and emotional), family and social relationships, and work life.

Regarding gratitude in your work life, the list of rewards includes improved focus, boosts of productivity, and having an overall more positive outlook. This can help influence goal achievements and improves mental clarity for better decision-making. Remember, stress and worry can take up a lot of mental space and energy. Therefore, practicing gratitude can be an effective stress-relieving technique.

In addition to its remarkable benefits on ourselves, the positive impact of embracing gratefulness can also rub off on others. Here are some simple ways how to practice gratitude at work.

Simple ways to practice gratitude at work

1. Remember where you started

A very simple way to find things to be grateful for is to look at how far you have come, not how far you have to go. Showing appreciation for your work will keep your achievements front of mind, motivating you to achieve more. Acknowledging your achievements reminds you that you can achieve your goals.

2. Say Thank You

It takes less than a minute to say “thank you,” but the power behind these two simple words can work miracles. For example, a thank you note to a co-worker who covers for you while you are out sick or a verbal ”thank you” to your manager for challenging you to be better can go a long way.

And it is feeling valued at work that boosts job satisfaction and increases motivation among employees. So whether big or small, saying thank you throughout the day will keep you feeling grateful at work.

3. Celebrate the small wins

For example, celebrating small wins like a completed to-do list may not seem much of a big deal at first. But it may be helpful to remember that celebrating each win, however small, generates feelings of pride and joy. Such feelings build momentum and sustain motivation which are powerful drivers of success.

4. Use gratitude to overcome career stress

A recent study shows that practicing gratitude for just 5 minutes a day can make you 25% happier. The study focused on the impact of expressing gratitude on team members. Those co-workers who expressed gratitude towards other teammates before performing a high-stress task experienced a reduction in job stress (better cardiovascular response) compared to those who did not express gratitude.

The benefits of an enhanced cardiovascular response included increased concentration and focus, improved confidence, and enhanced peak performance. In addition, teams in which members expressed gratitude were more likely to benefit from greater team bonding and togetherness.

5. Be thankful

Expressing gratitude generates an atmosphere of happiness, which should be encouraged in the workplace. Why? Research links high levels of happiness and contentment with enhanced levels of productivity.

The best part is there are endless ways to be thankful, from being grateful for your first cup of coffee in the morning to someone helping you with a difficult task at work. Beginning your day from a place of gratitude keeps you focused on the positives and sets the tone for the rest of the day.

Furthermore, be thankful for your team and make an effort to acknowledge them for their achievements, work ethic, individual talents, and goals. Gratitude doesn’t need to be an elaborate or formal affair. A quick text message can let your team members know they are appreciated and valued.

Final takeaways

Express gratitude at work and watch your days become more productive and fulfilling. As we know, what we focus on, we tend to get more of it, so choose to focus on gratitude.

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