Remote Interview Techniques That Improve Your Presence

Remote interviews have much in common with in-person interviews. Your goal is to show the interviewer why you are best suited for the role and they should offer you the job. The interviewer’s goal is to determine whether you have the skills, qualifications, and personality to blend with company culture and excel in the role. Although much of how you prepare for a remote interview is the same as an in-person interview, there are some additional steps you need to take to get ready for a remote interview. Preparing now lets you demonstrate adaptability and technological savvy important for securing a job change. 

Use these tips to create a professional image during your remote interview.  

Test Your Technology   

Use your virtual interview technology days before your meeting. Ask a family member or friend to conduct a mock interview with you. Test your internet connectivity, microphone, and camera. Make sure the other person can properly see and hear you. Find out whether you appear prepared, enthusiastic, and professional. Ask for constructive feedback to improve your performance.   

Set Up Your Environment 

Create a professional environment to interview in. Set up an area in a quiet room with a closed door. Position your computer and webcam in front of a blank wall. Turn off your television and radio. Silence your phone and email notifications. Make sure family members and pets are out of the house or in another room. Minimize noise and distractions as much as possible.   

Wear Professional Attire 

Choose a professional outfit to wear. Women may wear a blouse, slacks, skirt, or dress. Men may wear a button-down shirt, trousers, and jacket. Keep your hairstyle, accessories, and any makeup conservative. Avoid bright colors or distracting patterns that can take the focus off you.  

Monitor Your Body Language 

Maintain proper body language as you talk. Sit up straight. Look at the webcam to maintain eye contact. Rest your hands in your lap. Use voice tone and facial expressions to demonstrate enthusiasm for the position.  

Manage Interruptions 

Professionally handle interruptions. If your partner steps into the room, your kids begin to cry, or your dog barks, quickly resolve the issue and continue your discussion. Hiring managers understand you are interviewing from home. How you react to challenges is an important factor in whether you are offered a job.   

Set Up a Remote Interview 

Set up a remote interview with a recruiter from HW Staffing Solutions. We help you craft your resume, prepare for employer interviews, and negotiate job offers. See which roles you want to apply for today.

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