5 Ways to Show That You Are Thankful for Your Job

It’s not easy to run a company. And aside from a salary, your boss probably gets very little reward. The truth is you’re probably grateful to have a job—especially this time of year—and it’s important to show your boss that you recognize and respect their efforts and you appreciate the opportunity to be there. If you can do that, it’ll go a long way in securing your relationship with your boss and helping advance your career.

Here are five ways to show you’re thankful for your job.

1. Be on time

Appreciating and respecting your boss begins with punctuality. Your supervisor doesn’t need to start their day being hassled with your lateness. That creates such a headache for everyone! Infrequent lateness is okay—traffic was bad, your babysitter is sick, or the bus broke down—but as long as you can help it, be on time, or even a few minutes early. Show up enthusiastic and ready to work the full day!

2. Offer to go above and beyond

Every office has different standards for what it means to do extra. It might mean offering to work overtime, taking over the duties of a sick co-worker, or helping to mentor a new hire. Never shy away from the chance to take on additional responsibilities. Remember that you’re trying to add value to an organization. You want to contribute so that your company is healthy and growing. Your efforts will be appreciated and will go a long way when it performance review time rolls around.

3. Agree to do whatever’s asked of you

No boss ever wants to hear you say, “It’s not my job” when they ask you to do something. They want people who are eager to contribute and do what’s needed. If you’re already overwhelmed with other duties and can’t help this time, it’s fine to admit that you’re already swamped but to consider you for next time they need someone to take on an additional task. Smile and apologize and assure them that you’re willing, just unable.

4. Always say thank you

Show your appreciation for any compliment, award, praise, or opportunity you’re given. It never hurts to say thank you and it even pays off. Your employer will remember how grateful you were for their kind words and actions and will keep sending them your way.

5. Be honest and direct

If you have a question, complaint, or concern about your work, be upfront and professional with your boss. Make an appointment or ask to speak with them in private and be clear and honest. Indirect communication or griping to others wastes time and doesn’t accomplish much. It’s far more efficient to go directly to your boss so they can help you problem-solve. Everyone needs to respect proper lines of communication for the company to be successful.

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