Ingenious Ways to Land New Jobs When You Need Them

The job market is getting better, but it’s still fiercely competitive out there. Unemployment is low, but jobseekers are figuring out clever ways to set themselves apart from the rest of the competition. Employers appreciate creativity as long as you can also demonstrate professionalism and that you’re serious about the job. Here are some ingenious ways to land new jobs when you need them.

6 Absolutely Ingenious Ways To Get Hiring Managers’ Attention

1. Use a billboard

One candidate contracted a billboard outside the company’s office. It’s a bit pricey, but it worked! And one candidate used his guitar! He performed a song to convince the hiring manager that he was the best candidate.

2. Eat your resume

Another candidate who was hired had his resume printed on a chocolate bar. As long as it’s easy to read, and your interviewer has a bit of a sweet tooth, you’re in! And one candidate composed a cover letter that more closely resembled an invitation to hire her than a request.

3. Dress the part

One interviewee who was hired wore a suit to the interview with a t-shirt underneath that read, “Hire me, I work hard.”

4. Show off your skills

A candidate who was interviewing for a job in which a second language was a valuable skill asked to be interviewed in Spanish to show off his fluency. Another fixed a piece of the company’s equipment during the first interview. And one jumped right into the workforce, offering to help make copies when he saw that the interviewer was overwhelmed.

5. Swing and a miss

Other candidates have not been so lucky. Whether their attempts to distinguish themselves from their competition weren’t as clever or they just caught the employer in a bad mood, not all attempts at creativity are so successful. One such jobseeker dressed as a clown, another did a tarot reading, and one back-flipped into the room. Another candidate send a fruit basket to the interviewer’s home, which the interviewer had not shared with her. There’s a fine line between aggressive jobseeker and stalker. And props sometimes work, but these didn’t—a neon fluorescent suit, a lotto ticked that the candidate gifted to the interviewer, and a shoe to “get their foot in the door.”

6. Take the path of least resistance – Use a staffing company

To know whether or not your method of making yourself stand out is going to work, you really have to know your audience and what type of job you’re applying for. One tactic might work at an advertising agency but not at an accounting firm.  A staffing agency can help you know which tactics work best. They can help you craft a stellar resume, coach you on best interview practices, and help you negotiate the best opportunity once the offers come pouring in.

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