A New Job May Require A New Wardrobe—Here’s How to Plan That Expense

Starting a new job is one of the most exciting changes in your life. But if you want to do it right, you probably need a few things—a new portfolio, some new shoes, and maybe a new wardrobe. But clothes are expensive! Even a few token items that every closet needs to have can add up. Here’s how you can adjust your finances so you can budget for a new wardrobe.

New Job – New Outfit! Here’s how to save money each month!

Procrastinate on big purchases

You can put off those big-ticket items for at least a month. After thirty days, reassess. Do you still need it? If you’re on the fence about a big purchase, keep procrastinating about it while you gain perspective.

Stick to your shopping lists

Write out your shopping lists before you head out the door. This way you can plan out your meals and buy the ingredients you need. Plus you can take stock of your fridge and pantry instead of assuming you need something and buying a jar of yellow mustard when you already have two in the cupboard.

Eat in

Even if you plan on hosting a full meal for your friends, including drinks and desserts, you’ll still spend less money than if you went to a bar or restaurant. Make it a potluck! Plus you don’t have to factor in a tip. Then you can host a game night or movie night instead of going out to a movie or a club or a show.

Fix your credit card situation

First of all, use your credit card wisely. If you tend to use your credit card too frequently, keep it at home and only use it for emergencies. Next, if you have high interest rates, call your credit card company and ask for a lower rate. If they say no, transfer your balance to a different card that offers a lower rate.

Make meals ahead

When you make meals ahead, you’re less likely to resort to splurging on a meal out. And if you make meals in mass quantities, like a quadruple batch of your favorite casserole or soup, it’s even cheaper. You can eat what you want and freeze the rest for a moment in the future when you just don’t have the time to meal prep.

Cut down on electricity

Turn off the lights and use energy-efficient bulbs—they cost a tad more initially, but they have a longer life than normal bulbs and use less electricity. Install a programmable thermostat that sets your home to heat or cool at certain times, like when you actually need it. Buy quality appliances that will last. They might be more expensive, but check out brands and reviews to make sure you’re getting a quality product that will last many years and won’t break all the time.

Looking for that new opportunity!

These are just a few ways you can save money in favor of investing in a new professional wardrobe. Find a new job today and apply here.

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