Application Questions You Can Nail Every Time

When you’re applying for jobs, be prepared. Show that you’re thoughtful, conscientious and have details ready. Depending on the job, applications vary. They’re a good way for employers to collect the same of information from all candidates. When you sign the bottom, you’re guaranteeing that all the information is truthful and accurate. Here are some application questions you should be prepared for you so can nail them every time!

Nail These Questions

Question #1: Personal information

You can probably come up with this off the top of your head: name, address, telephone number, and email address. Boom! Done!

Question #2: Desired job and salary

If they’re hiring for several positions at once, it’s important to specify which one you want. Have an optimal, yet reasonable salary in mind. They’ll probably ask for your previous salaries as well.

Question #3: Work experience

List your employment history—previous jobs, titles, responsibilities, employers, locations and dates of employment. Anything more than fifteen years ago is probably irrelevant at this point, so you can skip that. Include the names and contact information for your previous employers. And be prepared to list reasons why you left your old job.

Question #4: Educational background

This includes majors, degrees earned, schools and their locations, dates of attendance and graduation, your GPA, and any awards or honors you earned. If you hold any related licenses or certifications, list those, too, along with the date and the issuing institution.

Question #5: Other experience and skills

This includes extracurricular activities—probably while you were in school, volunteer work, or military experience. List your titles, responsibilities, locations, and dates. Sometimes there’s also a space for hobbies and interests. Highlight any skills you developed that are relevant to the job you’re applying for now.

Question #6: Essay questions

Don’t worry, nothing too difficult. But you might have to write a short response about why you’re interested in the job, why you’re qualified for it, and why you’d be successful if you’re hired. Even if they don’t ask you to write this, these questions might come up during the interview.

Question #7: Important contacts

Not only will they ask for contact information for three to five references, they’ll also want to know if you already know someone at the company so they can ask them for an endorsement. They’ll also be curious to know how you found out about the job opening. This helps them figure out where to cast their net when they look to hire—Facebook, online job boards, staffing agencies, etc.

Question #8: Legal stuff

They’ll want to know about your driving record, your criminal background, whether you’re authorized to work in the US, and in some states, your social security number. Other companies will wait until you’re actually hired to ask for that.

Question #9: Dates

Not only will they want to know the days and times you’re available to work, but when you’re ready to actually start employment. And for seasonal jobs, they’ll need to know when you need to end employment.

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