Beyond the Honeymoon Stage—How to Make a Great Job Last

Congratulations—a new job is exciting! You’ve worked hard to gain the right experiences, build your resume, and wow your interviewers. And now you’re working just as hard to learn the ropes, get to know your coworkers, and develop a rapport with your boss, and you’re having fun doing it. You’re loving the company and they’re impressed by your effort and professionalism. So how can you keep up that momentum? Here are some tips to make a great job last beyond that initial honeymoon phase.

What Can I Do To Make Sure I Continue To Enjoy My Job?

1. Ask for new challenges

Be a team player and volunteer for new projects and assignments. Not only will you learn more and grow faster, your employer will know that they can rely on you in a pinch. An eager, enthusiastic employee is a lot easier to work with than someone who shutters their office door when help is needed.

2. Be proactive

When you have a new idea, take initiative and share it with others. If you sit around and dream about it instead of taking action, your organization will never improve and you won’t stand out as an innovator who makes valuable contributions. Companies are always looking for ways to boost productivity, efficiency, and encourage the growth of their employees.

3. Present solutions

No one likes a squeaky wheel. If you run into problems and setbacks along the way, don’t simply complain to your boss about it, especially about things that are outside of anyone’s control. You can complain to your friends and family, but to your boss, present them with some solutions first. Even if your solution isn’t perfect and it’s not the one they end up choosing, you’re a lot more valuable if you can problem-solve.

4. Have professional goals

Don’t wait to be promoted. Take control of your career by setting goals and creating your own path for development. Share your goals with your boss so they can see that you’re ambitious and that you’re working to support the goals of the company, but ultimately your future rests with you.

5. Keep learning

Once you’ve mastered the tasks and responsibilities of this new role, start looking for more. Find a mentor in your company or industry, look for some online classes, or simply read and watch videos about everything that’s relevant to your field. The best, most intelligent employees are those who recognize that they don’t know everything but strive to fill their knowledge gaps.

6. Be adaptable

Things change, problems arise, but don’t let them stop your progress. Roll with the punches, change your expectations, and adapt to the new situation. This might be something simple, like having your workstation moved, or something larger, like accepting a new assignment or working for a new manager. Either way, you’re a lot more valuable to your organization if you can be flexible and go with it.

Don’t Love You Job Still?

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