Career Tips Your Father Would Approve Of

Most of us, no matter how old we are, still want the approving nods from our parents as we navigate our careers. After all, they know us better than anyone, want what’s best for us and are armed with wise perspectives that come from a lifetime of experiences.

Sometimes it’s hard to know whether to follow your dreams or heed the more pragmatic advice of dad. Here are seven pieces of traditional career advice that would probably make your parents proud.

Treat mistakes as opportunities

Don’t be afraid to make mistakes because they can teach you so much. They might be difficult or embarrassing, but they offer the chance to grow and develop. Never stop learning! Ask questions and ask for help. You don’t have to take advice from everyone, but at least hear them out. You never know where the best ideas and inspiration will come from!

Tidy life, tidy mind

Be organized! Have a planner or an online calendar. Set reminders for yourself for meetings and appointments. And create systems that help you keep track of your belongings—both at home and at work.

Be authentic

Be honest and transparent with yourself and those you work with. This will help you maintain integrity and have peace of mind.

Work to live, don’t live to work

It’s important to have a work-life balance. Make time for a personal life, hobbies and taking care of your body and mind. Exercise and eat healthy—it’s hard to be your best self at work if you’re in bad health.

Harness the power of perseverance

Most parents don’t want to see their children ever give up! With enough practice and determination, you can excel at almost everything. Your father can remind you the best things in life never come easy.

Have a positive attitude

Make friends with everyone you meet and be open to input from your colleagues and bosses. A bad attitude can be a reason for being fired and it can be the cause of poor performance at work. Being a positive, proactive problem solver can help you tackle your daily responsibilities and ultimately, become successful!

Don’t fear rejection

Put yourself out there by asking a question or trying something new. Rejection can be an opportunity, not a setback. You never know what you can get if you just ask for something. So, go ahead and negotiate a raise! If you don’t get it, your boss will know you want it and might consider it later.

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