Lost Your Job? Here Are a Number of Industries That Are Hiring

The coronavirus certainly has caused a hit to the job market. If you’re one of the millions of people whose job was deemed “nonessential,” odds are you’re still out of work. Even if you’re able to file for unemployment, it may or may not be enough to cover your monthly expenses. Fortunately, many industries are hiring because of the demands put on them due to COVID-19. HW Staffing Solutions can help you find these opportunities.  

If you’re between jobs, here are three industries hiring right now.   


Amidst the pandemic, the demand for healthcare workers is high. Mobile care units, hospitals, and pharmacies require a variety of skills to support overburdened healthcare systemsFront-desk workers are needed to handle questions pouring in from community members. Registered nurses, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, epidemiologists, virologists, and other healthcare professionals are needed to triage, diagnose, and treat potential COVID-19 patients. Staff are needed to clean and disinfect health care facilities. Foreign language speakers are needed to get out public health information. Since many openings are entry-level or hourly positions, they require little to no training or experience. No matter which level you’re at, it’s possible to jump right into a new position   


With brick-and-mortar stores being closed and more people shopping online, warehouse workers are in high demand. Because many people are stocking up on groceries and supplies, orders tend to be bigger than usual. Additional staff are needed to fill warehouse, distribution, and related roles. Warehouse employees and truck unloaders for grocery storespharmacies, makers of medical products or cleaning supplies, online retailers, and drug stores are in high demand. Many positions require no previous experience.   

Call Center  

There’s a substantial increase in demand for call center workers. With millions of American unemployed due to COVID-19, bank call centers are receiving thousands of requests to delay mortgage payments, get fee waivers, and help customers sort out other financial challenges. With call volume at record highs and waits sometimes lasting hours, the demand for additional staff is immediate. Many banks are investing in additional computers, systems, headsets, and encryption so that call center employees can work from home to enhance their wellbeing.    

We Can Place You in Industries Now Hiring 

If you lost your job due to COVID-19, get in touch with HW Staffing Solutions. We can help bridge your employment gap in a short amount of time. See which jobs are available, here, and apply today. 

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