Three Reasons Why You Should Always Stay Up-to-Date on Industry Trends

Creative trends come and go and it’s tempting to keep ignoring it all and keep plugging along with your head down, especially if you have a secure job and you’re relatively successful. But the truth is that if you’re not attempting some of the popular practices, or at least keeping track of them, then you’re not protecting yourself and you’re missing out on big opportunities—not only for growth, but also for prestige in your industry.

 Here are three reasons why it’s important to always stay up-to-date on industry trends.

 You look out-of-date

 If your customers and clients request some of the newer products or procedures but you’re ill-equipped to adapt and meet those needs, you risk looking antiquated and might lose that business to your competitors. Instead, prepare yourself for those demands and attract more business that your competitors won’t be able to keep up with.

 You also don’t want to seem out-of-date to potential employers and recruiters. Even if you’re content with your current job, you never know when you might unexpectedly be laid off. If you’ve been ignoring fads and you don’t know the latest terms and lingo, you’re not going to be a very appealing job candidate. 

 Earn respect

 As you build your knowledge, you’ll soon be recognized as an expert by your peers. They’ll seek you out for your expertise and wisdom, and your reputation as a proficient industry leader will spread. Soon you’ll have employers, recruiters, and contractors seeking you out and customers will compete to secure your services!

 New opportunities for growth

 The process of trying learning new procedures and technology is a chance for personal growth and new knowledge. You might try something new and find it increases your efficiency or enhances your current skill set. Or you might find that one particular trend was a bust, but attempting something new is never a waste of time! Think of all you learned by attempting that pursuit. Growth can often result from failures and mistakes! You’re putting yourself in the best position to seize these opportunities before the rest of the industry does!

 How do we stay up-to-date?

 To stay current, subscribe to trade journals, read consumer magazines, scan and participate in forums and discussion boards, scour websites and blogs, and read newspapers and news sites. Listen to podcasts and watch videos. Use the people around you, too. Network with colleagues, talk to your customers, observe your competitors, and even track trends in your own company.

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