Top Benefits of Call Center Jobs

Many companies are expanding their call centers, which means they’re looking to hire and fill those types of roles. Though ‘call center agent’ might not sound too prestigious, it’s definitely a position worth considering. You might be receiving inbound calls, helping customers troubleshoot, answering questions, or handling complaints. Or you might be making outbound calls—calling potential customers to have them answer a survey or verify information. Regardless, there are several advantages and benefits that you need to consider before you decide whether it’s the job for you.

6 Benefits To A Career in Call Centers

1. Minimal start experience needed

If you’re a recent graduate or you’ve just quit your job and need something to bridge the pay gap, call centers are a great place to work because they don’t require any experience. It’s a great way to get your foot in the door at, possibly, a large multinational company. And if you’re a team player and handle your responsibilities well, you’ll be eligible for a promotion in as little as six months.

2. High salary and rewards

The salary for call center agents is pretty high considering these are entry-level positions. And if you work overtime, on holidays, or during nightshifts, most companies will pay you a little extra. Sales calls mean commission, and most jobs include benefits like health and life insurance.

3. Develop your skills

Most call centers will train new employees as part of their onboarding process. It’s a great opportunity to enhance your communication skills—talking and listening, all while problem solving. These are all transferrable, soft skills that you’ll need in any job down the road.

4. Prestige and perks

Most big companies prefer to promote from within before they start accepting resumes from outside the company. This means that though you might start in the call center, you might be moved up and working in your dream job pretty quickly. And since most call centers are for large companies, they often treat their employees pretty well, with exciting perks like gyms, game rooms, coffee and snacks.

5. More flexibility

Most call centers allow you to customize your schedule, meaning you can keep important holidays free or work the hours that are best for you and your lifestyle. And perhaps best of all, call centers usually have very informal call centers since most of their work is done over the phone.

6. No take-home work

So many professions require you to take work home on the weekends and evenings, blurring the line between work time and free time. But when you work in a call center, once you’ve logged out of the system, you’re done for the day and free to head home.

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