Is a Career in Hospitality Right for You?

A career in hospitality provides highly skilled people from all backgrounds opportunities to work in roles that lead to dynamic careers. People who love mathematics, leadership, and creativity are among those who excel in hospitality.

Now, with much of the hospitality industry shut down due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many jobs in the hospitality industry are one hold.  However,  when we all emerge from social distancing an the economy roars back, this industry will have many opportunities!

Since the hospitality industry was among the fastest-growing sectors, millions of jobs are expected to be created in the coming years. If you have the right qualifications, you could be one of these people who work in an industry you love.  

Here are some ways to tell if a hospitality career is right for you.  

1. Personal Characteristics 

As someone who loves to travel, enjoys making people happy, and appreciates meeting people from other cultures, a hospitality career may be right for you. If you like learning new languages, have an eye for detail, and work well under pressure, then the hospitality industry could be a great career fit. As someone who wants an international career, likes to work hard and play hard, but hasn’t decided on a career path, be sure to look into developing a hospitality career. If you’re someone who welcomes change, wants to work different shifts every week, and not have two days be the same, then the hospitality industry should interest you. Being an innovative thinker who excels at solving problems makes you a great asset for hospitality career. 

2. Diverse Opportunities 

Working in hospitality offers diverse career paths. You might begin as a hotel reception trainee and later become front office manager. You could move to sales and marketing or customer serviceIf you’re someone who’s highly organized, you might be interested in restaurant or hotel management. Because you love working with people, you might work as a human resources coordinator in a large hotel, or manage a team in a five-star restaurant. If you work as an accountant, you might manage the finances for a large international hotel chain.  

3. Transition into a Hospitality Career 

If you have work experience, then you should have transferable skills that apply in a hospitality career. However, if you lack a degree or previous industry experience, you may need to fill in some gaps with training and education. With practice, you can gain the hard skills needed to work in hospitality.  

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