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HW Staffing Launches New IT Division with Top Prospect Group

HW Staffing Solutions, a leading commercial staffing agency providing services throughout the United States, has announced the acquisition of Top Prospect Group, a professional and Information Technology staffing firm headquartered in White Plains, NY. This acquisition will allow HW Staffing Solutions to expand its offerings to clients and provide them with more comprehensive staffing services.

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Practice Gratitude In Your Career

Mental health experts tell us that practicing gratitude is essential to living a happier and more satisfying life. This same principle can be applied to your professional life for increased success and happiness. Learn how to practice gratitude in your career and watch your days, weeks, and years become more fulfilling and productive.

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Working with a Staffing Agency Post-COVID


Why Work with a Staffing Agency Post-COVID? The COVID-19 pandemic and ensuing health crisis have taken the world by storm. It caught every domain off-guard, giving no one time to prepare for what was going to come. It won’t be wrong to say that the job market is going through the same effects and needs to determine how to adjust to the new norms.

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How to Boost Confidence Before A Job Interview

It is not easy to get invited to a job interview. It takes hiring managers, on average, six seconds to browse through a resume, rejecting hundreds of applications in the process, so you must have made a remarkable impression to have caught their eye. However, as positive this impression is, there is still one more hurdle before an actual job offer can be made – the job interview itself. Continue reading to learn how to boost confidence before a job interview.

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4 Tips to Stay Motivated After a Year in a Pandemic

Can you believe it? It’s been a whole year in a pandemic. Looking back, most of us thought COVID-19 would only last a couple of months. We quickly learned we were wrong. Here we are a year later, finally making improvements, but most of us still feel the pandemic’s effects. We can all agree after a year of facing adversity; motivation can be hard to come by. Here are five tips to stay motivated after a year in a pandemic. 

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How to Write a Great Resume

In today’s digital market for employment, with so many currently looking for work after COVID-19 layoffs, it is crucial to improve your digital appearance. The first step is to have a good resume. A resume can be the make instead of break for your foot in the door of that dream company. If your resume is formatted well, visually appealing, and appropriately written, recruiters will be knocking at your door.

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Career Opportunities in Manufacturing

A career in manufacturing involves turning raw materials into final products that are sold to buyers. This process includes the people who make the products and those in areas such as management, engineering, and design. Workers come up with product ideas, test the products for proper assembly, and manage the shipment and receipt of the goods. Because the manufacturing industry offers six career path clusters, gaining insight into each can help you decide which is right for you.

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3 Types of Jobs That Survived the Shutdown

The economic shutdown that happened in early 2020 as a result of the coronavirus pandemic impacted every industry. Among the industries hit the hardest were retail, travel, and hospitality. Since people were required to shelter at home, shopping, traveling, staying in hotels, and dining in restaurants virtually stopped. Other industries that experienced downturns included manufacturing, warehouse, and distribution. However, many companies in these industries were able to adapt their offerings to continue operations. As a result of creativity and innovation, millions of jobs were created.

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