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Maneuvering Your Job Search Through COVID-19

Right now times are very uncertain, very stressful and even a bit frightening. The COVID-19 outbreak has not only caused a health crisis but an economic crisis, as well. In a matter of days, millions of people found themselves suddenly out of work. Millions more are weeks or even days away from losing their jobs, and millions more still are left uncertain about whether their companies will last through this crisis.

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How to Know if the Interview Is Going Poorly… and How to Turn It Around

After landing a job interview, you do all you can to prepare. Despite the time you invest in researching the company and role, practicing answers to questions, and thinking about questions to ask, the interview may not go as well as expected. Perhaps the department manager conducts the interview, even though they’d rather focus on other responsibilities. They might be thinking about other things, rather than how great you’d be for the position. Or, perhaps the interviewer talked with multiple candidates before you. They might be pressed for time and not focused on what you have to share. No matter the reason, you need to shift the interview in your favor to increase the odds of being offered the role.

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From Temp to a Permanent Position – 3 Ways You Can Stick Around

If you’re looking for a permanent job, being hired as a temp is one way to start. Getting on the inside of a company gives you an advantage over external candidates when a full-time job opens up. Showing you blend with the culture increases your odds of permanently being hired on down the road. Determining that you work well with the team shows that you’re a good fit with the organization.

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Do You Have What it Takes to Work in Construction?

The construction industry is a great field to work in because it’s always in demand. There are always new projects, like office buildings, factories, schools, houses, stores and restaurants, that keep construction companies very busy, which means that they’re always hiring. And although there aren’t a lot of education requirements for jobs in this field, these workers often labor for very long and tiring hours. They’re more prone to injuries and accidents, but there’s a lot of stability and opportunity. Do you think you have what it takes to work in construction? Keep reading to find out.

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Beyond the Honeymoon Stage—How to Make a Great Job Last

Congratulations—a new job is exciting! You’ve worked hard to gain the right experiences, build your resume, and wow your interviewers. And now you’re working just as hard to learn the ropes, get to know your coworkers, and develop a rapport with your boss, and you’re having fun doing it. You’re loving the company and they’re impressed by your effort and professionalism. So how can you keep up that momentum? Here are some tips to make a great job last beyond that initial honeymoon phase.

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Do You Have What It Takes to Work at Events?

Working events isn’t easy. There’s a lot of planning and communicating, and energy and enthusiasm are both required. But the good news is that there’s such a wide range of jobs at such events, that there’s something for everyone—promotional models, servers, bartenders, event captains, brand ambassadors, greeters and more. If you love people and you love hospitality, then working at events might be a great opportunity for you. Find out if you have what it takes to work at events.

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Looking for These Manufacturing Jobs?

A good skilled trade employee is always in demand. Manufacturing and construction company are always looking for reliable, hardworking, and enthusiastic job candidates who have the right assortment of skills, experience, and knowledge. There are many types of roles available, from full-time to part-time to contract positions. If you’re looking for a skilled job—plumbing, electrical, manufacturing, and more—and you have the right qualifications, there are many companies that will pay well to get you. Here are some manufacturing jobs that you should consider.

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Top Food Service Jobs That Are Constantly Hiring

The foodservice industry is a hustling, bustling industry, always growing and hiring. After all, people need to eat! Foodservice is perfect for enthusiastic and reliable people who love hospitality. Some jobs require a lot of customer interaction and others require a little more labor, so energy is important. This industry is conducive to short-term work and even one-time special events. Here are the top food service jobs that are always hiring.

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