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Reinventing Yourself, Your Job, and Your Career

As 2024 begins, you may consider the changes you want to make in the new year. Like many people who have been working in the same industry for years, switching to a new industry may be part of your plan. Making the leap into uncharted territory is exciting. Trying something new can open doors to opportunities that provide even greater career growth. One of the first steps in transitioning to a new industry is learning to reinvent yourself. Preparation for what may lie ahead increases your odds of success and fulfillment.

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Remote Interview Techniques That Improve Your Presence

Remote interviews have much in common with in-person interviews. Your goal is to show the interviewer why you are best suited for the role and they should offer you the job. The interviewer’s goal is to determine whether you have the skills, qualifications, and personality to blend with company culture and excel in the role. Although much of how you prepare for a remote interview is the same as an in-person interview, there are some additional steps you need to take to get ready for a remote interview. Preparing now lets you demonstrate adaptability and technological savvy important for securing a job change. 

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coworker helping another coworker while sitting at computer

How to Support a Coworker Who Is Struggling

Everyone faces struggles in life. The support we have to overcome them has a significant impact on how successfully we overcome our issues. For this reason, it’s in your best interest to help a co-worker when they’re experiencing difficulty. Because the brain is wired to pick up on the emotional states of people around you, doing what you can to help someone else benefits everyone.   

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Boost Your Career with Positivity

Although your hard skills are necessary for the career you want, your soft skills play a significant part in how quickly you advance. Along with your work ethic, communication skills, and emotional intelligence, exhibiting a positive attitude will help you reach your career goals. Because people aren’t always taught to be positive, you may have an edge over the competition by exhibiting this quality.    

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Have Essential Work Experience? Here's How To Add It to Your Resume!

Your resume is one of the most important documents in your job search. It shows how you made things better for previous employers and the value you will provide for your next employer. Your resume lets hiring managers know who you are, how your skills and experience match the role you’re applying for, and why you should be called for an interview. To improve your odds of being contacted, include specific, relevant information on your resume.  

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Surprise! How to Be Ready for an Interview at a Moment’s Notice

When you’re active in the job market, an employer may contact you for an interview the same day. In some cases, you may have only a few hours’ notice to prepare. Although this can be a nerve-wracking event, remain focused on what you need to do to get ready. The action you take now can mean the difference between being offered a job or having to continue your search.  

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Lost Your Job? Here Are a Number of Industries That Are Hiring

The coronavirus certainly has caused a hit to the job market. If you’re one of the millions of people whose job was deemed “nonessential,” odds are you’re still out of work. Even if you’re able to file for unemployment, it may or may not be enough to cover your monthly expenses. Fortunately, many industries are hiring because of the demands put on them due to COVID-19. HW Staffing Solutions can help you find these opportunities.  

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Leaving Your Job – How to Build Bridges Rather Than Burn Them

When you quit a job, be sure you leave behind an impression of professionalism. If you don’t, the adverse feelings you leave with your manager and colleagues will erase all the goodwill you worked hard to create. No matter how you feel about your job or coworkers, how you leave reflects on your character and judgment. Because you want a good reference, and you might work with colleagues for a different employer down the road, you want to move on in a professional manner.  

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