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10 Skilled Trades Jobs That Are Hiring

Skilled trades jobs are always in demand. There are always new construction and industrial manufacturing companies looking to hire. Whether you’re looking for a short-term contract position, a permanent opportunity, an entry-level position, or something highly specialized, HW Staffing has a job for you. We pride ourselves on connecting great people with great companies. Here are ten skilled trades jobs that are hiring.

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Budget Tips That Are Extremely Valuable At Any Stage in Your Career

It doesn’t matter how rich and successful you are, you always need to be mindful of your budget. Saving money isn’t glamorous, but if you can develop some skills and strategies early on, those will soon become second nature habits. And even if you’re rolling in dough now, you never know what’s around the corner—a recession, a layoff—when you’ll be glad you worked so hard to save so much. Here are some budget tips that are extremely valuable at any stage of your career.

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3 Ways to Take the Scary Out of Interviewing

Yes, job interviews can be scary. It’s your one chance to make a good first impression on your potential employer. You whole, entire career rests with an interviewer who will decide in the first few minutes whether or not they like you. Okay, maybe that’s a big dramatic. But it’s still a stressful experience for most people. Fortunately, with a little preparation, you can diffuse some of your anxiety and take the “scary” out of interviewing. Here are three ways to do that.

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4 Ways For Explaining Why You Got Fired From Your Last Job

If you’ve been fired in the past—even if it was unjust—then job interviews are probably a little more stressful than they need to be. You’re dreading that question: why did you leave your last job? It’s a fair question, and it’s a common, so you know it’s coming. But it’s still uncomfortable. But it’s totally doable. If you’re honest and you frame it the right way, you can make it seem like it’s no big deal. Here’s how to talk about getting fired in a job interview.

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Public Speaking Tips That Can Help You at Work

The fear of public speaking is really common. And in extreme cases, it’s paralyzing. Some people completely freeze up, unable to remember anything they were supposed to say. But if you’re comfortable doing it, it can be a really valuable skill. Many employers are looking for effective public speakers, especially in leadership positions. Here are some public speaking tips that can help you at work.

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Is It Time to Revamp Your Resume?

In most cases your resume is the first piece of information employers ad learn about you when you apply for a job. So if you’re not getting any callbacks and hiring managers seem to be ignoring you, it might be time to revamp your resume. And though it’s a little daunting to have to start from scratch, it’ll be totally worth it once recruiters and hiring managers start reaching out to you. Here are some ways to go medieval on your resume.

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3 Reasons Why Networking Often Leads to a Better Job

Most people shy away from networking. It can be intimidating, awkward, draining, and time-consuming. When so many of us are already pressed for time, the last thing we want to do at the end of a long day is attend a “networking event.” We’d much rather meet up with friends, check in with our families, or just sit in front of the TV for a few hours. But networking can be extremely valuable, for finding a new job and advancing your career. Here are three reasons why networking can lead to a better job.

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How Do You Know Your Interview Went Well?

You know that feeling—you bounce out of the interview room with confidence! You know it went well, though you can’t quite put your finger on why. You just feel good about the whole job interview and you’re pretty sure you got the job. Or that you at least impressed them. But there’s always that doubt that seeps in, that makes you question whether it really did go well. But you don’t have to wonder anymore. Here are seven telltale signs that you got the job.

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