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Do You Have What It Takes to Work at Events?

Working events isn’t easy. There’s a lot of planning and communicating, and energy and enthusiasm are both required. But the good news is that there’s such a wide range of jobs at such events, that there’s something for everyone—promotional models, servers, bartenders, event captains, brand ambassadors, greeters and more. If you love people and you love hospitality, then working at events might be a great opportunity for you. Find out if you have what it takes to work at events.

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Looking for These Manufacturing Jobs?

A good skilled trade employee is always in demand. Manufacturing and construction company are always looking for reliable, hardworking, and enthusiastic job candidates who have the right assortment of skills, experience, and knowledge. There are many types of roles available, from full-time to part-time to contract positions. If you’re looking for a skilled job—plumbing, electrical, manufacturing, and more—and you have the right qualifications, there are many companies that will pay well to get you. Here are some manufacturing jobs that you should consider.

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Top Food Service Jobs That Are Constantly Hiring

The foodservice industry is a hustling, bustling industry, always growing and hiring. After all, people need to eat! Foodservice is perfect for enthusiastic and reliable people who love hospitality. Some jobs require a lot of customer interaction and others require a little more labor, so energy is important. This industry is conducive to short-term work and even one-time special events. Here are the top food service jobs that are always hiring.

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10 Skilled Trades Jobs That Are Hiring

Skilled trades jobs are always in demand. There are always new construction and industrial manufacturing companies looking to hire. Whether you’re looking for a short-term contract position, a permanent opportunity, an entry-level position, or something highly specialized, HW Staffing has a job for you. We pride ourselves on connecting great people with great companies. Here are ten skilled trades jobs that are hiring.

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4 Ways to Hurdle Job Search Barriers

Every job search is bound to have it’s barriers and setbacks. After all, it’s an ambitious endeavor and if it were easy, people would be switching jobs all the time, every time they got frustrated at work. And the best ways to get your application and resume noticed is by taking the more challenging route, not by taking the easy way out. How often do online applications get lost? Or the information doesn’t save? It never makes it to the hiring manager? Here are four ways you can overcome those job search barriers.

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You Do Not Need To Spend 20 Minutes On a Job Application

Filling out job applications can be frustrating! There’s no guarantee that you’ll hear back, and sometimes it doesn’t seem worth the effort. You might fill out several dozen applications only to land one or two interviews. In fact, you might not hear back from several of them at all and you wonder whether the online application even went through. Here’s why you don’t need to spend 20 minutes on a job application and what you can do instead.

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Who Can I Use as a Job Reference?

Excellent question. A job reference is not something to take lightly. It’s tempting to put your best friend since grade school on there because you know they’ll say glowing things. Or that best friend’s mom—you’ve always been her favorite. But chances are they won’t be able to say much that’s really useful for a hiring manager. You’re a great person, sure, but can they speak to your ability to work hard, problem-solve, and overcome setbacks and failures? Maybe, but let’s err on the safe side here. Here are the best people to use as a job reference.

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What Skilled Jobs Are Hiring?

Baby boomers have filled many of our country’s skilled trade jobs for decades. But as that generation retires, those jobs need to be filled. In fact, 62% of companies are currently struggling to fill important skilled trade positions, and almost three-fourths of those companies predict that they’ll have a significant shortfall of those workers in the next few years. Some experts anticipate that 31 million jobs will be left vacant as a result of baby boomers retiring. This means that skilled trades are the way to go if you’re looking for a job! Here are skilled jobs that are hiring.

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Four Reasons to Consider a Temp Seasonal Job

A temporary seasonal job can prove to be a pretty solid opportunity for you. Many companies look to hire temporary workers because they can do so quickly, adjust their staff to fit changing demand, and give candidates a trial period while they decide whether to hire that person long-term. But without the guarantee of permanent employment, many job seekers are hesitant to apply for those jobs. Here are four reasons to consider a temporary seasonal job.

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